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We teach home school kids to code. We provide coding workshops for students in schools and colleges. I am also a freelance web developer


1. London based Coding tutor:

  • Teaching our amazing students:
    • Scratch
    • Python
    • How to build a website:
      • HTML
      • CSS
      • JavaScript
    • 3D Unity Game Engine
    • C#
    • Step into 3D
    • Here is a Demo of our premium 3D content from our
    • Are you ready to step in?
  • Age range 8 to 16
  • Enhanced DBS Certified
  • 27 years in tech industry

2. Coder for Hire:

  • I am a freelance web developer in London. I design and develop websites for local professionals, to find out more, do visit:
  • Responsive Web Design, so it works on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Skills include:
  • Languages: Python, PHP and C#. Web based: HTML, CSS3 and JaveScript

    3D: BabylonJS, WebGL and Unity 3D Game Engine.